Recipe: 'Ota Ika (Raw Fish Salad)

    Recipe: 'Ota Ika (Raw Fish Salad)

    Recipe: ‘Ota Ika (Raw Fish Salad)


    500g of raw tuna, salmon or fish

    Juice of six or eight lemons

    500ml of coconut cream

    Two medium-sized cucumber

    One tomato

    ½ onion

    One deseeded chilli




    Step One: Cut raw fish with a sharp knife into fork sized pieces, place in a bowl, and pour in lemon juice, making sure the fish is covered. Sprinkle with salt

    Step Two: Leave in refrigerator to cook for fifteen to two hours depending on taste.

    Step Three: Prepare cucumber with a  knife by cutting lengthways down the middle, then take the two halves and cut down the longest part three times, then into fork-sized pieces by cutting it across the shortest part.

    Step Four: Thinly slice the top off the tomato and cut down the middle from top to bottom. Lay two halves on the cutting board and slice from top to bottom and then across to form fork-sized pieces.

    Step Five: Dice onion into small pieces.

    Step Six: Half chilli by slicing it lengthways, then split into two halves and scrape out the light-coloured flesh and seeds, then discard. Cut the remaining red meat by slicing it lengthways and again cutting it across

    Step Seven: Strain the tuna and discard lemon juice.

    Step Eight: Mix all the vegetables and chilli with fish, pour coconut cream over the top and sprinkle with salt. Chill to serve.